Sunday, August 10, 2008

work experience

before i joint the spike program
i was work as technician at Double Phase electrical.
its a small company in my place...
before i work in this company i actually was do practical training here when i still studying.
so it easy to me to apply the job from their manager
coz he has already know me and also know my comitment.
my job responsible is to make new wiring, rewiring, do trouble shooting and any others job.
the area that we conquer is at Batang Padang District and we famous in there huhu..
the boss name is Idris but we called him Mat Dris.
he is the good person but he also tempered.for your information he has two wife strong..
he pay me RM35 per day..i enjoy work with him and their worker.
my super visor name is "stone cold steve austin" but in malay we said "ongkoi" haha.
ok thats all for today...tata....

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